[RUMOR] Team Skull Information Leaked?

A bunch of new information regarding Team Skull seems to have surfaced. While it is important to take this content with a grain of salt, do not hesitate to leave your thoughts and hopes for Team Skull in the comments below.


  • Team Skull do not want to destroy or take over the world. They go around stealing Pokemon and items (mostly art). Their main goal is to capture the Guardians of each island as “trophies.”
  • After collecting all the Guardians, they accidently awaken Solgaleo or Lunala depending on which version you choose.
  • The Legendary they awaken is ecstatic to be free, and causes eternal daytime or nighttime depending on the version.
  • You and Guzma then start working together, since Team Skull does not want eternal day/night either, and you search for the opposite Legendary. You find them and then Solgaleo and Lunala fuse, causing Marshadow to appear. It causes an eclipse, which hinders the player and Team Skull.  You could say the legends are evil for the first time in Pokemon, but you work with Team Skull to fix this.
  • Team Skull Grunt gear is obtainable after “jumping” one of them and you get the gear corresponding to your character’s gender. You get to keep this.
  • Kukui and Guzma were both trainers who set out to do the Island Trial Challenge. Kukui and Guzma both failed. While Kukui accepted defeat and studied Pokemon moves instead, Guzma was furious. As a result, he chose the life of crime.
  • Plumeria, who was also a criminal, found Guzma by herself and took him in. Guzma then founded Team Skull with Plumeria’s help.
  • Guzma hates Alola culture after losing the Island Trial Challenge. He stays away from all Alola culture, using no Pokemon from Alola or Alolan Forms. The only Pokemon from Alola that he has are the Island Guardians, but he never uses them.
  • In a nutshell, Team Skull’s goal is to mess up Alola.

While this could just be a compilation of educated predictions, it is still an interesting read nonetheless! Only time will tell what Team Skull’s true intentions are!

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