[RUMOR] New Pokemon Leaked for Sun and Moon?

Today, a leaker took to the 4chan forums and not only revealed some new information for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon, but some drawings of potential new Pokemon as well. It’s the first time since the Chinese leaks that we are seeing drawings to accompany information, adding to the possible legitimacy of this leak. Potential spoilers are ahead:

  • Rockruff will have multiple evolutions based on phases of the Moon, and is supposedly connected with Z Stones and Synchro Evolution, just like the starters
  • Some areas have Sunny Day by default, and Fog returns
  • Alolan Grimer and Muk become pure Ground (uncontaminated)
  • Alolan Lunatone and Solrock have the same typing
  • Gumshoos, Lurantis, Wishiwashi, and a “Fire feminine-looking pig” are the Totem Pokemon
  • Tortunator‘s pre-evolution is called Krakatuga

The remainder of the information will be accompanied by their respective images:


  • Poke Ride will tie into a few minigames: riding on Alolan Arcanine to traverse hot waters, climbing mountains with a Rock/Bug spider monkey, and riding Hippowdon in a desert dungeon


  • There is a plant-like Pokemon that is similar to Rockruff in terms of its evolutionary method, evolving based on the height of the Sun (Dawn, Noon, Sunset.) It spits seeds as if the flower was a cannon.
  • The pig Totem has lava dripping over its body, similar to a normal pig and mud
  • Alolan Arcanine becomes Water-type


  • Alolan Koffing and Weezing become pure Fire (uncontaminated) although the second head on Weezing no longer exists
  • Komala evolves into Ibearnate and can throw around its log
  • Bounsweet evolves into Pepperot, gaining the Fire-type and dragonfruit-like scales


  • Pikipek gains the Steel-type, evolving into Perfowl and Fowldrill. They give off a musketeer vibe, and shake their heads while their feathers jump around like crazy.
  • One of Rockruff’s evolutions has a white cross with three rocks on the end of every tip. When it howls, its ears distance themselves from one another.


  • Rowlet‘s evolution is chubbier, and its wings hide a bow and arrow inside
  • Litten‘s evolution is bulkier and bipedal, using its tail as a belt. Its animation supposedly involves it spitting on the ground.
  • Popplio‘s evolution is graceful and can be seen doing a handstand. It may be based on a gymnast or something similar.


  • Alolan Golem becomes Rock/Fire, and is much smoother-looking than its original appearance.


  • Alolan Paras and Parasect become Bug/Fairy (infected by Morelull)

Whether or not any of this information is accurate remains to be seen, as many question the legitimacy of this leak. One red flag was spotted as the leaker mentioned “Synchro Evolution,” despite it being referred to officially in the anime as the Bond Phenomenon. This could just be a mistake on the leaker’s part, however.

CoroCoro is set to leak on September 15, promising a showcase of Rockruff’s evolutions, so we should have a clear idea of how accurate this leak is by then. Keep tuning into Pika News Network for all the latest updates on Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

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