[RUMOR] New Pokemon Leaked?

As has become a trend, a new individual has taken to the 4chan forums with knowledge of three brand new Pokemon that supposedly will be revealed sometime in September. Unlike most leaks, this one comes with pictures to support the brief information, adding to its potential legitimacy:

  • Loboxter is a Fighting-type Pokemon and Crabrawler’s counterpart: it will be exclusive to Sun while the latter will be exclusive to Moon


  • Dulfrost, the snowman Pokemon that was hinted at in the Chinese leaks, will be an Ice/Ghost-type


  • Uhaku will be the evolution of Rockaby, and takes inspiration from the Tiki culture of Hawaii.


  • Rockaby, while not present in the leak, was hinted at some time ago and touched upon again. A supposed image of it also arose a few days prior.

Part of me wants to believe at least the Uhaku part of the leak, since it seems to draw inspiration from the Tiki stones found in one of the Sun and Moon trailers. It could just be a direct copy with no real legitimacy, but we will have to see.



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