September 6th Sun and Moon Update

As promised, the official Pokemon website has published some new information about Pokemon Sun and Moon, and boy, is there a lot to cover! From a new team to the most mysterious Pokemon we have seen to date, here is a recap from today’s news dump:

  • Type: Null is a new Normal-type Pokemon, classified as the Synthetic Pokemon. The shapes of its front and back legs are different in order to allow it to adapt to various situations. Its mask is used to control its powers, though the weight of said mask decreases its agility. It is said that this Pokemon was powerful enough to rival those “spoken of in mythology.”


  • Jangmo-o is a Dragon-type Pokemon, known as the Scaly Pokemon. It is a training-intensive, humble Pokemon that uses its scales for offense and defense. Pokemon of this species tend to gather in canyons, as they live with one another and train.


  • Alolan Raticate, the Dark/Normal-type, is much heftier than its counterpart, due to their urban relocation. They prefer to only eat high-class foods, and supposedly there is a restaurant that caters to Alolan Raticate’s taste buds specifically. They enjoy eating, and send out Alolan Rattata to scour for food. Alolan Raticate is the Totem Pokemon of Verdant Cavern on Melemele Island in Pokemon Moon. On the other hand, Gumshoos serves as the Totem in Pokemon Sun.


  • Gladion is the Enforcer of Team Skull, and is renowned for his battling skill. Type: Null is his partner Pokemon.


  • Sun and Moon are set 12 hours apart from one another. While Pokemon Sun follows your 3DS’ normal time cycle, Pokemon Moon will take place 12 hours later. Pokemon that appear as Totems, as well as wild Pokemon, will differ based on the time of day.

suntime moontime

  • A new team was revealed, called the Aether Foundation. This group’s goal is to care for Pokemon that were hurt by Team Skull. They are responsible for creating the artificial island in the middle of the Alola region, which is known as Aether Paradise. They also conduct research projects and house various Pokemon. Lusamine is the Foundation’s president, followed by branch chief Faba, assistant branch chief Wicke, and other employees whose uniforms vary based on which division they are in. Two teams in one Pokemon game, huh? Expect a related Speculation article soon…

141x200xlusamine-141x200-png-pagespeed-ic-twqzqvozhy 141x200xfaba-141x200-png-pagespeed-ic-eyckjkxlmz 141x200xwicke-141x200-png-pagespeed-ic-nqx2-xmtcc 141x200xaether-employees-141x200-png-pagespeed-ic-ky4spbrwii

  • Dexio and Sina from Pokemon X and Y return to give you an item called the Zygarde Cube. They ask for your help in collecting Zygarde Cores and Cells around the Alola region. Could this hint at Kalos playing a bigger part in Sun and Moon than we think?


  • In Alola, new creatures known as Ultra Beasts have been spotted, and are experimented on by the Aether Foundation. Each of them has a codename, like UB-01. It seems to be made of a glass-like substance, and it resembles a young girl. Hmm… experimentation on unknown species? Something is bound to go astray there.


  • A new feature can be accessed through the Rotom Dex known as Poke Finder. It is highly reminiscent of photo spots from X and Y, and more features become accessible as your pictures get evaluated (Pokemon Snap, anybody?)


  • The Japanese trailer seems to have accidently showcased Cutiefly’s evolution, which maintains its small figure while growing legs and taking a dancer-like appearance. It is likely to maintain the Bug/Fairy-type, but nothing can be confirmed at this time.


One of the most revolutionary updates came today, from strange new Pokemon to an even more peculiar organization. But don’t worry, I’ll be breaking down each of these suspicious new features one by one in additional Speculation articles coming this week. From the Aether Foundation’s potential ties to Colress and Lillie’s uncanny resemblance to UB-01, stay tuned to Pika News Network for the latest news and rumor coverage.

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