Pokemon Go Plus / Apple Watch Announcement!

Following July’s delay of the Pokemon Go Plus device, it has been confirmed that it will be released in most countries on September 16th. For Apple users, any model above the iPhone 5 running iOS 8 or higher will be able to utilize the $40 Bluetooth tool. Android devices will also need to be running Android 4.4 – 6.0.


When connected, an image of the Pokemon Go Plus will appear on your phone screen. When you are close to a wild Pokemon or Pokestop, the Go Plus will point it out on the screen. These are not the greatest features, however, as the device comes with many limitations. While it can be used in tandem with the Pokemon Go app on your smartphone, it does not track distance, provide alerts, and, of course, cannot be used on its own.


In addition, Wednesday’s Apple Keynote confirmed that Pokemon Go will be coming to the Apple Watch, utilizing its fitness tracking features to widen the game’s accessibility horizons. While not every feature will be available, you will still be able to track your distance when hatching eggs, spin Pokestops, and track nearby Pokemon. When a Pokemon does appear, however, you will only get a simple notification and will need to engage in the capturing action through your smartphone. While it is inevitably more useful than the Go Plus, it starts at $379, which may not be a reasonable price range for all.


It is exciting to see Pokemon Go continue to broaden its appeal by branching out to different devices, though its popularity has gone down drastically. A report from late August states that daily active users have decreased from 45 million (on average) to 30 million. This is still a phenomenal statistic to hold, and with the incoming Buddy System and eventual Generation 2 update, Pokemon Go will continue to keep fans enticed for a long time to come. That is, until we finally catch ’em all.


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