October CoroCoro Leaked!

Apologies for the delay, but last night, we got official scans of this month’s issue of CoroCoro–remember issues are named a month in advance. The information covered within this issue is likely to be part of this month’s September 14th news dump, so stay tuned for the official translations then:

  • Rockruff is confirmed to have one evolution, Rugarugan, with two forms. Rugarugan’s Midnight Form occurs when Rockruff is “met with the night’s power,” while its Midday Form occurs when Rockruff “takes in the sun’s power to turn into this marvelous form.”


  • [UPD] We have confirmation that Rugarugan’s Midday Form is exclusive to Sun and its Midnight Form is exclusive to Moon. This confirms Rockruff only has one evolution, which varies by version. Signature moves were also announced: Accelrock for Midday Rugarugan and Counter (not the existing move) for its Midnight Form.
  • Pokemon Sun and Moon are confirmed to take place in different dimensions. This adds an entirely new level of depth, citing differences like Totem Raticate/Gumshoos in each version of the game. Could this tie into the theory of the Aether Foundation and Ultra Beasts triggering some sort of multi-dimensional travel?
  • Two new Ultra Beasts have been revealed. UB-02 is codenamed “Beauty,” and attracts any Pokemon with its beauty. Interestingly enough, there is a second UB-02 codenamed “Expansion,” who uses its entire body as a weapon. The magazine also states that UB-01’s name is “mysterious, but could be filled with foolish intentions and feelings.” It’s interesting to note UB-02 Beauty’s resemblance to Aether Foundation President Lusamine, but what does UB-02 Expansion represent? Some guess it could be related to Wicke or Gladion, but that remains to be seen. Beauty seems to be exclusive to Pokemon Moon, while Expansion is exclusive to Pokemon Sun.


  • We also get some information on the new anime series: Pokemon Sun and Moon. It will be premiering in November in Japan. Apparently, Ash will receive a Z Ring and meet Tapu Koko within this first season. Since there is no Elite Four, Ash will actually be going to school with the goal of graduating. Does this mean the anime will abandon the Island Trial Challenge completely? What could this mean for the anime on a battling perspective?


  • Additional observations can be made from the poster. Kukui, Lillie, Samson Oak, Mallow, Sophocles, and Lana are all present, though the positioning of Mallow seems to confirm she will be one of Ash’s traveling companions. Rowlet is also standing right behind Ash, potentially hinting at it joining his team. We can also assume that Kukui will be using a Rockruff, Lana will be using a Sharpedo and a Lapras, Mallow will be using a Bounsweet, Sophocles will be using a Clefairy, and Lillie has an Alolan Vulpix in her possession.

Stay tuned for the English news dump happening in just two short days, as well as speculation articles covering the latest information in the coming weeks. We’re slowly approaching Sun and Moon’s release, with just two months left until we experience the breathtaking Alola region. Until then, stay tuned to Pika News Network for all news Pokemon.

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