Sun and Moon Update (10/4)

This week, we were given an extended look at some new features coming to Pokemon Sun and Moon next month:

  • Finally, the starter evolutions! Dartrix, the Blade Quill Pokemon, is Rowlet’s evolution. It maintains the same type with the ability Overgrow.


  • Torracat, the Fire Cat Pokemon, is Litten’s evolution, and maintains the same type with the ability Blaze.


  • Brionne, the Pop Star Pokemon, is Popplio’s evolution, and maintains the same type with the ability Torrent.


  • The Festival Plaza takes advantage of S/M’s communication system. where trainers from all over the world can talk to one another, battle, and trade. As one’s Festival Plaza rank increases, they can host missions, accomplish set goals, and take part in global missions.


  • The Poke Pelago allows Pokemon that have been placed in boxes to go exploring, play on athletic equipment, and take part in other activities to acquire special items. In Isle Abeens, other Pokemon may join your party, while in Isle Asphun, one’s Pokemon may be able to retrieve items.


  • We finally have confirmation that Mega Evolution returns. Any Mega Evolving Pokemon that can be caught in Alola can evolve in Sun and Moon. Mega Stones may be given by NPCs or bought across the region.


  • As the Korean rating suggested a few weeks back, we will be getting a Sun and Moon demo on October 18th. This will allow a small portion of the game to be accessed, and allows players to transfer a special Ash-Greninja to the final version of the game.


Quite the exciting news this week! We have another news dump planned on October 14th, which is around the time CoroCoro is set to leak. Perhaps dataminers will find additional content within the Sun and Moon demo, but we will have to wait and see until then.


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