[SPOILERS] Sun and Moon PREVIEW Information

Various sources from around the world have been given access to a 2-hour preview of Sun and Moon, and we’ve compiled all of their thoughts and observations here on Pika News Network! Keep in mind there may be SPOILERS, so read with caution.

  • The Alolan Pokemon Center will feature healing, shopping, and a coffee shop, as hinted in the very first trailer.
  • There may only be 7 Trial Captains in the entire game.
  • You get Medals for completing trials–the equivalent to Badges.
  • Gyms are GONE for good.
  • The Gumshoos/Alolan Raticate Trial is first in the game.
  • Work Up is the first TM you receive.
  • When a Pokemon evolves, its entire evolutionary line is present on screen.
  • It is implied that Johto and Hoenn Pokemon will receive Alolan Forms.
  • There is no 3D in the game except for Poke Finder segments.
  • Your player character is originally from Kanto.
  • In the first two hours of the game, Z-Moves and Mega Evolution are not accessible.
  • There seem to be a few cutscenes at the start of the game, particularly one that involves Tapu Koko “saving” your player from potential death, and earning your trust.
  • There is plentiful money to be earned in the first two hours of the game.
  • New features will allow players to seamlessly check Party Pokemon’s HP, type, Ability, and statistics.
  • There is a Tauros that blocks the road some time in the first 2 hours of the game.
  • There is no known difficulty setting, though some outlets expressed this game as being slightly harder than others.
  • Kukui battled the Indigo Gym Leaders while researching Pokemon moves in Kanto.
  • The Exp. Share is earned towards the very start of the game.
  • Running is now a default option.
  • There is a fortune teller in the Festival Plaza.
  • Poke Pelago and Ride Pokemon are accessible later in the game.
  • Your player character has a father.
  • Trials are referred to as an “item collection and boss battle system.”
  • After defeating Hau a second time, Hala gives you a Z-Ring.
  • Lillie gives you a Z-Crystal at the start of the game, after you choose your starter.

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