Sun and Moon Update (10/13)

This last Thursday, we were once again given a news dump for Pokemon Sun and Moon, set to release in just over a month! Without further ado…

  • Silvally, Type: Null’s evolution, is a Normal-type with the ability RKS System. By holding items that correspond to each known type, it can change its own type. This is reflected within its exclusive move, Multi-Attack, which changes type based on which item Silvally is holding. Both the move and ability are based off of Arceus, even hinted at through the RKS (Arceus) System ability.


  • Hakamo-o is Jangmo-o’s first evolution, which is Dragon/Fighting with the ability Bulletproof or Soundproof.


  • Kommo-o is Jangmo-o’s second evolution, which has the same type and potential abilities. We have reason to believe it will be this generations’ pseudo-legendary, but this cannot be stated for sure.


  • As noted in one of the previous news dumps, Ribombee is Cutiefly’s evolution, retaining the Bug/Fairy-typing as well as the ability Honey Gather or Shield Dust.


  • Steenee is Bounsweet’s evolution, and remains a pure Grass-type. It can have the ability Leaf Guard or Oblivious.


  • Tsareena is Bounsweet’s second evolution, and is still pure Grass. It can have the ability Leaf Guard, or Queenly Majesty, which prevents the opposing Pokemon from using priority moves. This has the same effect as Bruxish’s Dazzling ability.


  • As leaked in CoroCoro, Alolan Grimer is Poison/Dark with the ability Poison Touch or Gluttony.


  • Alolan Muk is also Poison/Dark with the same potential abilities.


  • We have gotten a look at two new trainers: the first of which being Olivia, the Kahuna of Akala Island. She is revealed to specialize in Rock-types and will use a Nosepass and Lycanroc on her team.


  • Ilima, as hinted at in a previous trailer, is the first Trial Captain trainers will face. He resides on Melemele Island and specializes in the Normal-type. We have reason to believe that he will be stationed at the Trainers’ School, based on his location within the trailer.


Since we were not given news about another news dump, we believe this is the last news dump we will be receiving until Sun and Moon drop in a month. The beta releases this Tuesday, so dataminers may be revealing some brand new information. Be warned that this information may contain spoilers!


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