In what is likely one of the greatest mistakes in Pokemon history, while the demo files were able to scrub nearly everything we could uncover about the games, they left out one crucial aspect.


As a result, data miners have been able to uncover every single Pokemon model for Sun and Moon. Shinies included. Keep in mind there are MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW, so proceed with caution. This is your final warning.

Alolan Forms we were already aware of.

Alolan Diglett, Dugtrio, Persian, Geodude, Graveler, Golem, and customizable Pikachus?

That’s right. The starter final evolutions were real indeed.

Pikipek’s evolutions (toucan!) and Crabrawler’s

Morelull and Salandit evolutions, as well as a new bug line. Seems that the Pokemon from the TCG box we covered yesterday also gets an evolution.

Turtonator, Drampa, Komala, Mimikyu, Pyukumuku as STANDALONES. New anchor Pokemon and Wimpod’s evolution.

Island Guardians!

“Lesser forms” of the Legendaries.

Ultra Beasts!

And at last… The mythical Marshadow.

Overall, we have 17 Alola forms, 75 NEW Pokemon, and 8 Ultra Beasts, bringing the total to 100 new additions this generation. We have not gotten word of any other leaks in terms of storyline or location, but keep checking back for more.


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