Pokemon Sun and Moon Update

The wait is finally over! Fans in the US and Europe both can enjoy the latest installments to the Pokemon franchise after months of anticipation! In the coming weeks, the site will be updated with plenty of new information regarding the games, including a Sun and Moon Review that should go up later this week. It will be spoiler-heavy, so proceed with caution when viewing that. After spending a little over 48 hours with Pokemon Moon, I can safely say is is the greatest game in the franchise, and there will be plenty of articles and such analyzing even the smallest details.

Alola, everyone!



In what is likely one of the greatest mistakes in Pokemon history, while the demo files were able to scrub nearly everything we could uncover about the games, they left out one crucial aspect.


As a result, data miners have been able to uncover every single Pokemon model for Sun and Moon. Shinies included. Keep in mind there are MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW, so proceed with caution. This is your final warning.

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[SPOILERS] Sun and Moon PREVIEW Information

Various sources from around the world have been given access to a 2-hour preview of Sun and Moon, and we’ve compiled all of their thoughts and observations here on Pika News Network! Keep in mind there may be SPOILERS, so read with caution.

  • The Alolan Pokemon Center will feature healing, shopping, and a coffee shop, as hinted in the very first trailer.
  • There may only be 7 Trial Captains in the entire game.
  • You get Medals for completing trials–the equivalent to Badges.
  • Gyms are GONE for good.
  • The Gumshoos/Alolan Raticate Trial is first in the game.
  • Work Up is the first TM you receive.
  • When a Pokemon evolves, its entire evolutionary line is present on screen.
  • It is implied that Johto and Hoenn Pokemon will receive Alolan Forms.
  • There is no 3D in the game except for Poke Finder segments.
  • Your player character is originally from Kanto.
  • In the first two hours of the game, Z-Moves and Mega Evolution are not accessible.
  • There seem to be a few cutscenes at the start of the game, particularly one that involves Tapu Koko “saving” your player from potential death, and earning your trust.
  • There is plentiful money to be earned in the first two hours of the game.
  • New features will allow players to seamlessly check Party Pokemon’s HP, type, Ability, and statistics.
  • There is a Tauros that blocks the road some time in the first 2 hours of the game.
  • There is no known difficulty setting, though some outlets expressed this game as being slightly harder than others.
  • Kukui battled the Indigo Gym Leaders while researching Pokemon moves in Kanto.
  • The Exp. Share is earned towards the very start of the game.
  • Running is now a default option.
  • There is a fortune teller in the Festival Plaza.
  • Poke Pelago and Ride Pokemon are accessible later in the game.
  • Your player character has a father.
  • Trials are referred to as an “item collection and boss battle system.”
  • After defeating Hau a second time, Hala gives you a Z-Ring.
  • Lillie gives you a Z-Crystal at the start of the game, after you choose your starter.

Sun and Moon Update (10/13)

This last Thursday, we were once again given a news dump for Pokemon Sun and Moon, set to release in just over a month! Without further ado…

  • Silvally, Type: Null’s evolution, is a Normal-type with the ability RKS System. By holding items that correspond to each known type, it can change its own type. This is reflected within its exclusive move, Multi-Attack, which changes type based on which item Silvally is holding. Both the move and ability are based off of Arceus, even hinted at through the RKS (Arceus) System ability.


  • Hakamo-o is Jangmo-o’s first evolution, which is Dragon/Fighting with the ability Bulletproof or Soundproof.


  • Kommo-o is Jangmo-o’s second evolution, which has the same type and potential abilities. We have reason to believe it will be this generations’ pseudo-legendary, but this cannot be stated for sure.


  • As noted in one of the previous news dumps, Ribombee is Cutiefly’s evolution, retaining the Bug/Fairy-typing as well as the ability Honey Gather or Shield Dust.


  • Steenee is Bounsweet’s evolution, and remains a pure Grass-type. It can have the ability Leaf Guard or Oblivious.


  • Tsareena is Bounsweet’s second evolution, and is still pure Grass. It can have the ability Leaf Guard, or Queenly Majesty, which prevents the opposing Pokemon from using priority moves. This has the same effect as Bruxish’s Dazzling ability.


  • As leaked in CoroCoro, Alolan Grimer is Poison/Dark with the ability Poison Touch or Gluttony.


  • Alolan Muk is also Poison/Dark with the same potential abilities.


  • We have gotten a look at two new trainers: the first of which being Olivia, the Kahuna of Akala Island. She is revealed to specialize in Rock-types and will use a Nosepass and Lycanroc on her team.


  • Ilima, as hinted at in a previous trailer, is the first Trial Captain trainers will face. He resides on Melemele Island and specializes in the Normal-type. We have reason to believe that he will be stationed at the Trainers’ School, based on his location within the trailer.


Since we were not given news about another news dump, we believe this is the last news dump we will be receiving until Sun and Moon drop in a month. The beta releases this Tuesday, so dataminers may be revealing some brand new information. Be warned that this information may contain spoilers!

Sun and Moon Update (10/4)

This week, we were given an extended look at some new features coming to Pokemon Sun and Moon next month:

  • Finally, the starter evolutions! Dartrix, the Blade Quill Pokemon, is Rowlet’s evolution. It maintains the same type with the ability Overgrow.


  • Torracat, the Fire Cat Pokemon, is Litten’s evolution, and maintains the same type with the ability Blaze.


  • Brionne, the Pop Star Pokemon, is Popplio’s evolution, and maintains the same type with the ability Torrent.


  • The Festival Plaza takes advantage of S/M’s communication system. where trainers from all over the world can talk to one another, battle, and trade. As one’s Festival Plaza rank increases, they can host missions, accomplish set goals, and take part in global missions.


  • The Poke Pelago allows Pokemon that have been placed in boxes to go exploring, play on athletic equipment, and take part in other activities to acquire special items. In Isle Abeens, other Pokemon may join your party, while in Isle Asphun, one’s Pokemon may be able to retrieve items.


  • We finally have confirmation that Mega Evolution returns. Any Mega Evolving Pokemon that can be caught in Alola can evolve in Sun and Moon. Mega Stones may be given by NPCs or bought across the region.


  • As the Korean rating suggested a few weeks back, we will be getting a Sun and Moon demo on October 18th. This will allow a small portion of the game to be accessed, and allows players to transfer a special Ash-Greninja to the final version of the game.


Quite the exciting news this week! We have another news dump planned on October 14th, which is around the time CoroCoro is set to leak. Perhaps dataminers will find additional content within the Sun and Moon demo, but we will have to wait and see until then.

New Sun and Moon Update

This week brought forward some new information about Pokemon Sun and Moon, including new Pokemon, features, and version exclusives! Without further ado, let’s see what more Sun and Moon have to offer before the next official announcement:

  • Passimian is a Fighting-type Teamwork Pokemon, and appears to be the rugby monkey from the Chinese leak. It is exclusive to Pokemon Sun, and has a new ability called Receiver. As the name entails, Passimian can inherit the ability of an ally Pokemon that faints in battle.


  • Oranguru is a Normal/Psychic-type Sage Pokemon, and can learn the new move Instruct, which allows the selected target to use its most recent move again. Oranguru is exclusive to Pokemon Moon.


  • Lycanroc, the English name for Rugarugan, is confirmed to have both a Midday and Midnight Form. The Midday Form is pure Rock, and is exclusive to Sun. Its official description explains that Lycanroc evolves due to “Solgaleo’s influence.” Could this imply that our starters, which supposedly share the same secret, have a version-exclusive split evolutionary line as a result of the legendaries’ influence? And could this be one of the recurring conflicts in the titles? Accelerock is a new move that only Midday Form Lycanroc can learn, and always strikes first.


  • Midnight Form is also pure Rock, and, similarly, evolves due to Lunala’s influence. It learns Counter when it evolves from Rockruff, which is an unchanged move from past generations.


  • Trainer Customization has been officially confirmed! In Alola, players can not only change their character’s clothing, but their hairstyle, and eye color. Trainers can even remove their hats. New to the series are dyes that can be acquired to change the look of clothing.


  • Pokemon Refresh is the new and improved Pokemon-Amie feature from Pokemon X and Y. Pokemon can now be cleaned and fed Poke Beans, which increases the chance of curing status conditions or evoiding attacks in battle.


  • More exclusive Z-Moves have been announced. Catastropika is an exclusive Z-Move to Pikachu, where it wraps itself in high-voltage electric power and inflicts damage upon the opposing Pokemon. Extreme Evoboost is Eevee‘s exclusive Z-Move, which gathers all of its evolutions together to increase all stats by 2. This confirms the presence of both physical and special Z-Moves.

extreme-evoboost catastropika

  • Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter have both been delayed to early 2017, but serve the same function. Pokemon Bank allows you to transfer any Pokemon games from Generation VI to the new titles, while Pokemon Transporter will allow you to send Pokemon from the Virtual Console versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow.


  • There will be a new National Pokedex feature with the update to Pokemon Bank, so you can monitor your progress for catching ’em all even if they are not found in the Alola region.


Our next news dump is set to occur on October 4th at 6:00am Pacific Time, followed by one final issue of CoroCoro before the games are released! Until then, stay tuned to Pika News Network for additional updates and speculation articles.