October CoroCoro Leaked!

Apologies for the delay, but last night, we got official scans of this month’s issue of CoroCoro–remember issues are named a month in advance. The information covered within this issue is likely to be part of this month’s September 14th news dump, so stay tuned for the official translations then:

  • Rockruff is confirmed to have one evolution, Rugarugan, with two forms. Rugarugan’s Midnight Form occurs when Rockruff is “met with the night’s power,” while its Midday Form occurs when Rockruff “takes in the sun’s power to turn into this marvelous form.”


  • [UPD] We have confirmation that Rugarugan’s Midday Form is exclusive to Sun and its Midnight Form is exclusive to Moon. This confirms Rockruff only has one evolution, which varies by version. Signature moves were also announced: Accelrock for Midday Rugarugan and Counter (not the existing move) for its Midnight Form.
  • Pokemon Sun and Moon are confirmed to take place in different dimensions. This adds an entirely new level of depth, citing differences like Totem Raticate/Gumshoos in each version of the game. Could this tie into the theory of the Aether Foundation and Ultra Beasts triggering some sort of multi-dimensional travel?
  • Two new Ultra Beasts have been revealed. UB-02 is codenamed “Beauty,” and attracts any Pokemon with its beauty. Interestingly enough, there is a second UB-02 codenamed “Expansion,” who uses its entire body as a weapon. The magazine also states that UB-01’s name is “mysterious, but could be filled with foolish intentions and feelings.” It’s interesting to note UB-02 Beauty’s resemblance to Aether Foundation President Lusamine, but what does UB-02 Expansion represent? Some guess it could be related to Wicke or Gladion, but that remains to be seen. Beauty seems to be exclusive to Pokemon Moon, while Expansion is exclusive to Pokemon Sun.


  • We also get some information on the new anime series: Pokemon Sun and Moon. It will be premiering in November in Japan. Apparently, Ash will receive a Z Ring and meet Tapu Koko within this first season. Since there is no Elite Four, Ash will actually be going to school with the goal of graduating. Does this mean the anime will abandon the Island Trial Challenge completely? What could this mean for the anime on a battling perspective?


  • Additional observations can be made from the poster. Kukui, Lillie, Samson Oak, Mallow, Sophocles, and Lana are all present, though the positioning of Mallow seems to confirm she will be one of Ash’s traveling companions. Rowlet is also standing right behind Ash, potentially hinting at it joining his team. We can also assume that Kukui will be using a Rockruff, Lana will be using a Sharpedo and a Lapras, Mallow will be using a Bounsweet, Sophocles will be using a Clefairy, and Lillie has an Alolan Vulpix in her possession.

Stay tuned for the English news dump happening in just two short days, as well as speculation articles covering the latest information in the coming weeks. We’re slowly approaching Sun and Moon’s release, with just two months left until we experience the breathtaking Alola region. Until then, stay tuned to Pika News Network for all news Pokemon.


Pokemon Go Plus / Apple Watch Announcement!

Following July’s delay of the Pokemon Go Plus device, it has been confirmed that it will be released in most countries on September 16th. For Apple users, any model above the iPhone 5 running iOS 8 or higher will be able to utilize the $40 Bluetooth tool. Android devices will also need to be running Android 4.4 – 6.0.


When connected, an image of the Pokemon Go Plus will appear on your phone screen. When you are close to a wild Pokemon or Pokestop, the Go Plus will point it out on the screen. These are not the greatest features, however, as the device comes with many limitations. While it can be used in tandem with the Pokemon Go app on your smartphone, it does not track distance, provide alerts, and, of course, cannot be used on its own.


In addition, Wednesday’s Apple Keynote confirmed that Pokemon Go will be coming to the Apple Watch, utilizing its fitness tracking features to widen the game’s accessibility horizons. While not every feature will be available, you will still be able to track your distance when hatching eggs, spin Pokestops, and track nearby Pokemon. When a Pokemon does appear, however, you will only get a simple notification and will need to engage in the capturing action through your smartphone. While it is inevitably more useful than the Go Plus, it starts at $379, which may not be a reasonable price range for all.


It is exciting to see Pokemon Go continue to broaden its appeal by branching out to different devices, though its popularity has gone down drastically. A report from late August states that daily active users have decreased from 45 million (on average) to 30 million. This is still a phenomenal statistic to hold, and with the incoming Buddy System and eventual Generation 2 update, Pokemon Go will continue to keep fans enticed for a long time to come. That is, until we finally catch ’em all.


A Busy Week Ahead!

We’ve gotten confirmation of the next few Pokemon Sun and Moon reveals for the month of September:

On September 16, the next information dump is set to happen at 6am PST/9am EST, though mid-month reveals are not usually as rich with information as the beginning.


TV Tokyo has also confirmed that the next anime episode in Japan will feature a big announcement, though we can expect that to be related to Ash’s departure to Alola.

Finally, CoroCoro is due to leak in the middle of the month, with information regarding Rockruff’s evolution(s). We have a lot to look forward to, so check back for your latest updates and coverage here on Pika News Network.

New Japanese Sun and Moon Trailer [UPD1]

After yesterday’s bombardment of phenomenal reveals, we have some new tidbits of footage as well as one major revelation from today’s trailer. Following through with the Chinese leaker, Professor Oak’s cousinNariya Oak, will be making a cameo in Sun and Moon as one who studies the Alola Forms scattered across the region. While the Chinese leaker claimed that it would be Professor Oak himself returning, it is definitely too close to simply be a coincidence. You can check out the full trailer below, as it showcases some Z-Move animations, customization options, and more gorgeous overview shots of the Alola region’s many landmarks.

UPD1: We have gotten confirmation that Professor Oak’s cousin will be named Samson Oak in the English versions of Sun and Moon!

September 6th Sun and Moon Update

As promised, the official Pokemon website has published some new information about Pokemon Sun and Moon, and boy, is there a lot to cover! From a new team to the most mysterious Pokemon we have seen to date, here is a recap from today’s news dump:

  • Type: Null is a new Normal-type Pokemon, classified as the Synthetic Pokemon. The shapes of its front and back legs are different in order to allow it to adapt to various situations. Its mask is used to control its powers, though the weight of said mask decreases its agility. It is said that this Pokemon was powerful enough to rival those “spoken of in mythology.”


  • Jangmo-o is a Dragon-type Pokemon, known as the Scaly Pokemon. It is a training-intensive, humble Pokemon that uses its scales for offense and defense. Pokemon of this species tend to gather in canyons, as they live with one another and train.


  • Alolan Raticate, the Dark/Normal-type, is much heftier than its counterpart, due to their urban relocation. They prefer to only eat high-class foods, and supposedly there is a restaurant that caters to Alolan Raticate’s taste buds specifically. They enjoy eating, and send out Alolan Rattata to scour for food. Alolan Raticate is the Totem Pokemon of Verdant Cavern on Melemele Island in Pokemon Moon. On the other hand, Gumshoos serves as the Totem in Pokemon Sun.


  • Gladion is the Enforcer of Team Skull, and is renowned for his battling skill. Type: Null is his partner Pokemon.


  • Sun and Moon are set 12 hours apart from one another. While Pokemon Sun follows your 3DS’ normal time cycle, Pokemon Moon will take place 12 hours later. Pokemon that appear as Totems, as well as wild Pokemon, will differ based on the time of day.

suntime moontime

  • A new team was revealed, called the Aether Foundation. This group’s goal is to care for Pokemon that were hurt by Team Skull. They are responsible for creating the artificial island in the middle of the Alola region, which is known as Aether Paradise. They also conduct research projects and house various Pokemon. Lusamine is the Foundation’s president, followed by branch chief Faba, assistant branch chief Wicke, and other employees whose uniforms vary based on which division they are in. Two teams in one Pokemon game, huh? Expect a related Speculation article soon…

141x200xlusamine-141x200-png-pagespeed-ic-twqzqvozhy 141x200xfaba-141x200-png-pagespeed-ic-eyckjkxlmz 141x200xwicke-141x200-png-pagespeed-ic-nqx2-xmtcc 141x200xaether-employees-141x200-png-pagespeed-ic-ky4spbrwii

  • Dexio and Sina from Pokemon X and Y return to give you an item called the Zygarde Cube. They ask for your help in collecting Zygarde Cores and Cells around the Alola region. Could this hint at Kalos playing a bigger part in Sun and Moon than we think?


  • In Alola, new creatures known as Ultra Beasts have been spotted, and are experimented on by the Aether Foundation. Each of them has a codename, like UB-01. It seems to be made of a glass-like substance, and it resembles a young girl. Hmm… experimentation on unknown species? Something is bound to go astray there.


  • A new feature can be accessed through the Rotom Dex known as Poke Finder. It is highly reminiscent of photo spots from X and Y, and more features become accessible as your pictures get evaluated (Pokemon Snap, anybody?)


  • The Japanese trailer seems to have accidently showcased Cutiefly’s evolution, which maintains its small figure while growing legs and taking a dancer-like appearance. It is likely to maintain the Bug/Fairy-type, but nothing can be confirmed at this time.


One of the most revolutionary updates came today, from strange new Pokemon to an even more peculiar organization. But don’t worry, I’ll be breaking down each of these suspicious new features one by one in additional Speculation articles coming this week. From the Aether Foundation’s potential ties to Colress and Lillie’s uncanny resemblance to UB-01, stay tuned to Pika News Network for the latest news and rumor coverage.

[SPECULATION] The Tapu Legends

Back when the first large information dump occurred for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, one Pokemon in particular stood out, at least to some: Tapu Koko. The dual Electric/Fairy Pokemon is more than just a general addition to the 750+ roster, but is referred to as a Guardian Diety by Japanese official sources. For the sake of keeping terms consistent, I will refer to Tapu Koko as a Legendary.


A trailer following this reveal showed Hala dedicating his first battle with the trainer and Hau as an offering to the Island Diety of Tapu Koko. E3 later confirmed that each island had a guardian diety, where a festival/Pokemon battle is held in its honor. We can infer that each of the four “Tapu” legends will have some sort of associated festival, where the trainer engages in a battle with Hau, and that Island’s Kahuna will dedicate said ceremony. This can be concluded from Hala’s actions on Melemele Island in the trailer:

1465965920160 LAjRz1F

With that being said, what could we be seeing from the remainder of the Tapu legends, in terms of their typing, mythology, and most importantly, their appearance? Fan theories have been spotted all over the Internet, and I will be covering just a few of the more plausible theories to start.

Two main possibilities are plausible in terms of typing. We already know that Electric/Fairy is the first Tapu Legendary’s type, though it is likely that it will retain the Fairy type. Its design highly indicates that the primary type will change, while Fairy is the one to remain constant, as is with most Legendary duos/trios. Some have speculated that since this the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon, there will be a lot alluding to the first four games: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Since Tapu Koko has already covered Electric through the color yellow, some believe that the remainder of the Legends will be Fire/Fairy, Water/Fairy, and Grass/Fairy, to correspond with the first games’ types.


After the different forms of Oricorio were revealed, however, people had different ideas. Each style of Oricorio has Flying as its secondary type, with Fire, Electric, Psychic, and Ghost as their primaries. Since Electric was a type shared by both Pop-Pom Style Oricorio and Tapu Koko, some believed that the remainder of the Tapus would be Fire/Fairy, Psychic/Fairy, and Ghost/Flying. There were also two images of a sign and the new “badge” case with Red, Yellow, Pink, and Purple colors, signifying each of Oricorio’s primary types.


Even further, however, is the name of Alola’s northeastern island, Akala, meaning pink in Hawaiian. Alongside Melemele, which means yellow in Hawaiian, two of the four rumored types covered in the “Oricorio Theory” have already been named, but will purple and red follow through? If they do, we can expect the other two islands to be named Poni and ‘Ula’Ula Island, respectively.


Mythological Standing and Appearance
As mentioned in my Future of Pokemon: No More Gyms article, Hawaii is renowned for its intricate mythology, some of which has been integrated within Alola’s Island Challenge as well as these Tapu legendaries. According to Hawaiian myths, Hawaii has 4 main “Gods:” Kane, Ku, Lono, and Kanaloa. Ku is the deity of war, and represents human sacrifice in his rituals. Tapu Koko roughly translates to “holy blood” in the Hawaiian language, coinciding with the God Ku’s motives.


Its counterpart would be Lono, who is the God of Peace. During its festival, people gave back to the deity by ending wars and not engaging in unnecessary work during the celebratory period.


Kane and Kanaloa were closely linked to one another, with the former being the giver of life, and the latter being the God of the underworld. Each God had a backstory that could tie into the origins of the Tapu legendaries… or it could be a completely opposite string of Hawaiian culture altogether.


Assuming the Tapus represent the colors red, blue, green, and yellow, we could look to different evidence. It is said that Kane created the first man, so perhaps it could wield the Fire-type. In Greek Mythology, Hephaestus was granted the gift of fire that he eventually gave to make man stronger, which could serve to be an indirect connection in this case. Lono represents fertility, agriculture, and peace, giving it the potential Grass-type. Kanaloa was also said to have been represented by an octopus, giving it the Water-type, and taking care of all four potential typings.


Other Legends and their Influence
Sun and Moon will not only feature the four Tapu legendaries, but Solgaleo, Lunala, Marshadow, Zygarde (and its forms), and Magearna, who will all likely play a part in the story. While the Tapus are more on the mythological side, and Solgaleo/Lunala play into the plot, how will everything else be explored throughout Alola?


Many have speculated that Marshadow will be a part of the Solgaleo/Lunala-based plot (see [SPECULATION] What is Marshadow? for some details), but there are additional legends that are purely speculative in terms of how they make up Alola’s experience. Some believe that a Zygarde sidequest will involve the mysterious Lillie in some way, while Magearna may have something to do with Project: AZOTH, which has been foreshadowed in the past two titles and the anime. Here’s hoping that their influence on the plot is not as minimal as Diancie, Hoopa, and Volcanion’s, but only time will tell.

Project-Azoth-in-ORAS 33333

Potential legendaries that could be making a comeback include Ho-oh and Lugia, which were theorized about since Sun and Moon’s first release. From people claiming to see their silhouette in the Alola map’s clouds, to their potential ties to Alolan culture, it is very possible that they could be making a story-based return to Sun and Moon. Besides, the games were referred to as “Project Rainbow” in their pre-release form, and what is
Ho-oh known for… very self-explanatory.


The speculation is plenty, and I will have articles going up soon about how each of these theory-filled aspects may play out. Some more plausible than others, but at the end of the day, anything to get the mind flowing will help ease the two month wait for these next titles. Check back next Monday for another entry in the Speculation series, as the topics continue to divulge deeper into mythology, fan theories, hints, and very discreet forms of foreshadowing.

The History of Pokemon: N

Arguably one of the most plot-intensive entries in the Pokemon series, Pokemon Black and White introduced the most mysterious antagonist to date: N. This green-haired King of Team Plasma made it his everlasting goal to separate the worlds of people and Pokemon. This was very similar to Team Plasma‘s overall goal of liberating Pokemon from people. His background and the way his story is explained throughout Black and White and their sequels is truly powerful, making N one of the most memorable antagonists in the series to this point.


The story goes as follows: at a young age, N was abandoned by his parents and left in the woods, being raised by only Pokemon. Some of the creatures who cared for him along the way include Darmanitan, a Woobat, and his eventual befriending of a Zorua. One fateful day, a man named Ghetsis came, claiming to be his father, and raised him as his own. Throughout his childhood, N was raised together alongside Pokemon and had no opportunities to interact with other humans. Ghetsis only allowed N to interact with Pokemon who had been hurt by humans, ultimately skewing his viewpoint on trainers’ possession of the creatures.


Eventually, he would become King of the evil organization Team Plasma, despite adopted sister Concordia saying that his heart is “pure and innocent.” The introductory cutscene of Black and White took place in the throne room of N’s Castle, as Ghetsis crowned him in event-specific clothing. As the other Seven Sages watched, N thought back at all of the memories he had made alongside Pokemon, ready to fulfill his lifetime goal.


At the beginning of Pokemon Black and White, N is introduced as a mysterious yet good-intentioned individual, who believes Pokemon are his friend. He acts with courtesy towards the player, contrary to the actions of other Plasma members and Ghetsis. Your first encounter with him is in Accumula Town, after Team Plasma‘s rally and Ghetsis‘ speech, where the mysterious man challenges you to a a battle. He reappears for a battle outside of Nacrene City‘s Gym, and then he asks you to join him on the Rondez-View Ferris Wheel in Nimbasa City. This is where he reveals his position as King of Team Plasma, and his invitation by Ghetsis to assist his group in liberating Pokemon.


You engage in another battle with N in Chargestone Cave, and again in Dragonspiral Tower, where he stumbled upon Zekrom (Black) or Reshiram (White) to go through with his plans. After beating the Elite Four, the player finds N with Alder, who are in the middle of a heated argument over trainers and Pokemon possession. As the player makes his way inside, N summons his castle from the ground, having you fight through hostile Pokemon and some Plasma recruits before getting to him.


In his throne room, N explains that his goal is to create two different worlds for humans and Pokemon. In order to stop the player in his tracks, he summons Zekrom or Reshiram, which you, the player, end up catching. After defeating N, Ghetsis appears, revealing that he was the one who revived Zekrom or Reshiram for N to use. It comes to light that Team Plasma’s motive is a lie, and Ghetsis tricked N and Team Plasma to make sure he was the only person in Unova with Pokemon, so he could rule the region. A battle ensues before Alder and Cheren take the man away.


N apologizes shortly after, letting out his legendary and saying goodbye to the player. As he reconsiders his actions and ideals, N can be seen flying away on his respective dragon, as it soars Unova’s skies. The highly-memorable Farewell track plays during these moments, where you, as the player, consider the story’s past events through N‘s eyes. As a player, I went from believing he was the villain and the mastermind to the victim and the one who was manipulated, evoking a sense of empathy and humanity towards a ‘villain’ unmatched by any other title in the Pokemon series.


Based on the items found in N’s Castle, one can infer that he enjoys skateboarding, basketball, and darts, as well as toys that other Pokemon could play with. His full name, Natural Harmonia Gropius, still remains shrouded in mystery, though we know it carried over from Ghetsis’ real middle and last name.

As one can tell, there is a lot still unknown about N, from gaps in his life timeline, to the time gap between Pokemon Black and White and their sequels. In said sequels, N only returns to save Kyurem from Ghetsis, and after the latter succeeds in fusing Reshiram/Zekrom with Kyurem, N pleads for the player’s help. He flies off once more at the conclusion of the game, leaving much to be wondered.


While a rather shorter installment in the History of Pokemon series, it is a truly interesting story indeed. The story of a young boy, raised by Pokemon, who grew to be King… and lost everything in an instant. To connect with a villain is not a path that every video game title goes down, but it was executed flawlessly within the Generation V titles. Who knows how much more we will learn about N as time progresses. Has he given up his ideals for liberation and lives as one with Pokemon, or is he situated in a faraway region, brewing the next stage in a seemingly perfect plan? No one knows what the future of Pokemon holds, but the history remains set in stone.

N_and_Reshiram (1)